Posting code in WordPress

Looks like I'll be using this blagoblog as a platform for messing around a bit with code. Particularly, I suspect I'll try to start sharing a few things here or there that I learn as I try to hack into NES chips, and demonstrate what's going on with the synthesizers inside.

This is what a Github Gist looks like when embedded, simply by pasting the script tag directly in:

Another option would be to use HTML code and pre tags as formatted using the Crayon plugin. Here's the result of "pre" tags, after removing all of the overzealous eye candy that Crayon comes in with.

Or pre tags:

import derp

print derp.blat()

Yup, it looks like using code and pre will be the best option! Three cheers for editing in raw text mode! Now all that remains is to figure out how to get the Wordpress editor to ignore hard line breaks when I put them in paragraph tags. Ooof!

UPDATE: Adding remove_filter( 'the_content', 'wpautop' ); to the functions.php file for a theme will take care of the auto-insertion of br and p tags. Huzzah!