Technological Advancement

Yuri, hard at work as always. 'Shopped!

It's been often stated that technological advancement has helped propel humanity towards a life of leisure, increasing our free time and reducing the amount of time we need to work.  But despite this, it seems that most people are all willing to put in overtime hours instead of doing what they might otherwise claim they desire: spending more time with children.

Why is it that this has happened?  Perhaps this failure to work less, despite our technologies, is only an apparent unbalance.  Consider: The young stay young longer.  College is largely the next high school, and graduate school is the next college.  As we've needed to specialize more completely, we've needed to bolster our educational credentials; during this time, we are no longer able to be productive members of society.

This is, of course, rampant speculation.  But it is possible that the benefits of our societal advancement has gone disproportionately to extending the leisure lifestyle of our children over a timespan of years, and not our adult workers in daily increments.