Portamental is Born

We are now Portamental—and an official dot-com!  What is Portamental?

A portamento is fluidity of pitch in music.  It's a slide from one pitch to another, blurring the boundaries between notes.  Portamental is mental fluidity, playing with concepts, eschewing quantization for analogue, or even vice-versa.  Don't worry, though, the SmarterGuides are still here.

Why the change? A change in the status of the collective.  I'm at Ohio State University, pondering the ins and outs of academia, and busying myself with the literature of music theory.  In particular, I'm immersed in academic literature in music perception and cognition.  But this leads also to mathematical and computational modeling, philosophy of language, evolutionary theory, and social psychology.  Ridiculously exciting, but also ridiculously insulating, if we're not careful.  Others have transitioned and moved about, and need a broader platform.

So we'll move about, and be fluid.  Portamental.