Stacoscimus is Statistics, Code, Science, and Music — all of which have continually fascinated and inspired me.

High school and UNC Chapel Hill formed me into a biochemist. A stint in medical school at UMich Ann Arbor got me further invested in questions of people's relationships with the world. In 2013 I finished up graduate training in Statistics and Music Theory at the Cognitive and Systematic Musicology Laboratory under the incomparable tutelage of David Huron.

I headed up Data Science at Nomi, where I enjoyed working with some fantastic developers to produce a brand new engagement platform for the physical space. During my time there, our data platform grew from processing a few thousand data points per month to several billion, each submitted by wireless sensors running bash-based firmware I wrote. Subsequently, I helped build out a data function and an engineering team at TodayTix.

Currently, I'm serving as VP Engineering at Birchbox, a leading online beauty and cosmetics retailer and subscription service.

A somewhat recent CV / Resume is downloadable in pdf.

Though I've been spending my days building teams, data products, and software-as-a-service, I'm still fascinated by musical questions, compositions and problems -- from audience preferences and emotion to sonata form.

I'm always looking to meet likeminded folks who want to build great things. Feel free to email me at yuri@yuribroze.com to get in touch!

Emblem art: W.J. Faupel.