Oh! You Beautiful Doll

A beautiful wartime doll.

Oh, you're such a beautiful doll!  This 1911 hit was a wartime favorite that shows how Barbershop harmony, ragtime, and popular music overlapped.

This is sung by Bill Murray and The American Quartet in 1912.  Fantastic stuff here, very vintage.  It's hard to imagine this being the height of popular music, but here you have it.

Now, for a more modern extension by some very talented ladies:


While we're listening, you SSAA arrangers out there should take note of the general low tessitura of everything here, and the overwhelming strength of the lower voices -- this is such an exercise in the beauty of chest... especially in the masterful placement of the sustained tonic note in the tag.  For these ladies, a chest-heavy belt works much better than a high soprano might.  Bravo!