MS Statistics Complete

As of today, I've earned my Master of Science in Statistics.  It's been a fantastic journey these last two years---I couldn't have forseen how much statistics would speak to me.  My advisor, David Huron, had merely suggested I take some statistics courses.  Wanting to learn the theory underlying the practice, I enrolled in the first graduate statistical theory course without even knowing what a cdf was.  Special thanks to the excellent instructors I've had the pleasure of working with and learning from: Steve MacEachern, Noel Cressie, Mario Peruggia, Michael Fligner, Douglas Critchlow, Chris Hans.

Statistics isn't only a broadly-applicable toolkit for solving problems, it's also a way of looking at the world, and choosing which joints should be sharply carved and which must remain fuzzy.  I'm eager to begin applying this technology to important and interesting problems!