Leonard Bernstein - Something's Coming (West Side Story)

This is a delightful track that bears closer scrutiny.  It begins in an ambiguous 6/8 and 3/4 that also has an overriding 4/2 feel in the vocals that combines two measures at once.  This is already incredibly clever, but at 0:38, suddenly we're thrown for a loop into 4/4, with syncopated melody.  Then, there's a section that seems at first sound to be a hemiola, but in fact is the imposition of three measures of 3/4 and a measure of 2/4 (for a total of 11 crotchets!) into the established 4/4 timeframe.  All this time, of course, there's a pulsating and smooth polka-derivative background that emphasizes each quarter-note beat evenly and smoothly, letting the rhythmic changes flow surreptitiously.

This is from the movie soundtrack.  I'm generally not terribly huge on musicals, but Bernstein (pronounced like the giant mug of beer, and doesn't rhyme with the small sweet orange citrus fruit) is a truly learned composer and conductor who was terribly aware of his environment and the state of his art.  Finally, many kudos to the vocalist, Jimmy Bryant, for his endearing performance and delicious final note.  Quite incidentally, he performed on the Batman TV show theme song, composed by the late great Neal Hefti; may he rest ridiculously peacefully.