Jackson Five Rehearsal, 1970

If you have been involved in producing music for stage or recordings, you are probably well familiar with the trials and tribulations of rehearsal--especially when your bandmates have trouble focusing and a penchant for doodling around.  Or is that diddling?  Either way, I'm quite reassured to know that an act as high-quality and successful as the Jackson Five had quite a similar way of doing it, even forty years ago.


Young Michael had some moves; looking over his shoulder out at a large empty auditorium is very familiar; all of them are surely imagining what the place might look like when it's full.  Hearing the false starts and the variations of the playing gies the impression that this music as performed live was much more organic and active (and prone to error) than the stadium mega-concerts that are lip-synced today.  It makes me want to bust out a Jackson Five recording or two!