iRb Corpus Released

After a solid year of conversion, editing, and tagging, the iRb corpus is available in **jazz format at the Cognitive and Systematic Musicology Laboratory website. This corpus represents some 1186 individual songs, each encoded into **jazz, a new Humdrum-like specification.

Using tools from Craig Sapp's Humdrum extras as well as the bundled script, you can convert individual song files to the following sort of flat representation:

**jazz    **kern  **exten **solfa **mint  **quals **dur
*thru     *thru   *thru   *thru   *thru   *thru   *thru
*M4/4     *M4/4   *M4/4   *M4/4   *M4/4   *M4     *M4/4
*D-:      *D-:    *D-:    *D-:    *D-:    *D-:    *D-:
2E-:min7  E-      min7    re      [E-]    min7    2.0000
2B-7b13   B-      7b13    la      P5      dom     2.0000
=         =       =       =       =       =       =
2E-:min7  E-      min7    re      P4      min7    2.0000
2A-7      A-      7       so      P4      dom     2.0000
=         =       =       =       =       =       =
2D-:maj7  D-      maj7    do      P4      maj     2.0000
2G-7      G-      7       fa      P4      dom     2.0000
=         =       =       =       =       =       =
*-        *-      *-      *-      *-      *-      *-

Because date information is available, large diachronic studies are possible. For a taste, here is a plot of changes in jazz chord usage over time:

A complete writeup will soon be available in Music Perception.