Educational Philosophy, and Stuff

I'm dedicated to learning and helping learn more about music and one another. The more you know, the more you grow, because learning brings knowledge and knowledge is power.


Or perhaps try this: See one, do one, teach one. This has been a slogan among the medical profession for some time (maybe back to Halsted). It's shown up in other disciplines as well. Medicine and music have a lot in common: lots of humanity, lots of technical skill, lots of intuition, and lots of practice. See one, do one, teach one as an apprenticeship slogan applies very, very well to musical skill.

It's oh-so-apocryphally quipped by American utilitarian John Dewey:

"One never truly learns something until he has confronted the necessary thinking required to teach that something to another learner."

Regardless where the misquote arose, technology has brought us far since then, and the Internet is the most profound information-sharing medium yet. It's the perfect vehicle for see-do-teaching, but unfortunately the first gets all the mic time.

Let's embrace the exploratory spirit of this three-pronged skill-based philosophy wholeheartedly, and promote all three opportunities. And the more we can shape the Internet in its spirit, the better!