Dick Hyman's Lessons on YouTube

Dick Hyman is a tremendous chameleon of a jazz pianist as well as a visionary jazz educator.  His conception of piano playing from the Romantic era through the mid-20th Century is phenomenal, and he is able to demonstrate with clarity and panache many of the techniques of the great jazz musicians.


All his videos found on YouTube are invaluable learning opportunities.  Pay particular attention to his introduction of the piano's versatility in emulating the sound of an instrumental ensemble -- Chopin very often made use of similar ideas in his piano-only ouvre.  Additionally, Hyman is a master of making links between disparate musical forms plainly evident and accessible.

Also -- note his emphasis on the rhythmic play between the left and the right hand.  Just as Tristano did, there's a slight lag between the forward-pushing quarter note strum in the left hand and the insistently independent block-chord melodies in the right.

A true master!