Come Back To Me

Here's Sammy Davis Jr. being his bad self, with a truly kicking band behind him (and some very impressive soul girls!).  Sammy seems a bit ridiculous here, spinning around underneath an enormous cutout of himself, but these were ridiculous times, ladies and gentlemen.  His phrases are all timed so casually; it's almost as though he is contributing nearly nothing to the rhythm of the tune and letting the band take care of it all:

Bizarrely, this type of music eventually made a comeback to the mainstream to become part of a major label push towards a swing revival.  The Cherry Poppin' Daddies, with Zoot Suit Riot, helped lead the charge as kids around the nation found their parents' dancing shoes to be quite comfortable indeed!  However, the secret of this movement is that before it was polished up and dressed in expensive suits, it was a sweaty, shirtless, punk rock outgrowth, formed out of University of Oregon dropouts.  Here are the Cherry Poppin' Daddies in Eugene, Oregon in 1993... the video is rather raw.  I feel like I could catch Steve Perry's buzz through the interwebs and across 15 years:

And here's a video using their studio version, which sounds most authentically swing of their tunes -- it's the original arrangement, after all.