Bobby McFerrin at Montreaux

Bobby McFerrin is a master of music, but also of the arts in general -- his concerts are focused on breaking the audience free of their bounds and investing themselves personally in the performance, becoming performers themselves.  Removing people of their fears and encouraging them to expore music is the best way to educate and evangelize!

This is fantastic!  Syllables aren't important - the language is music.  The minor pentatonic is the basis.  You can see when the audience starts to get away from him and begins to applaud instead of investing themselves, and Bobby calls them back in a way that's not rude and DOES acknowledge their appreciation, but he still strives with such certainty to maintain the shifted frame of mind shared by the room.  It's magical because it's like nothing this crowd has ever had the pleasure to participate in, and also so fearlessly.  They sit on the edges of their seats, eagerly anticipating whatever might come next, what new discovery the next note might hold; all the while, rising within them is surely a certain glee and elation.